Current Board Members

Alumni Board Members

Guy Kornblum (’66)

Matthew Avery (’09)

Christine Au-Yeung (’13)

Dana O’Day-Senior (’09)

Elaine Zhong (’12)

Hye Chon (’99)

Joey Halabrin (’22)

Lauren Schoenthaler (’95)

LeeAnna Bowman-Carpio (’22)

Maryam Quasto (’22)

Shanti Eagle (’09)

Tim Hsieh (’07)

Zane Brown (’91)

Board Responsibilities

The Board collaborates with HLJ staff members to maintain and improve the Journal’s reputation, assists in strategic planning and implementing multi-year initiatives, and serves as a source of institutional knowledge from volume to volume.  Current Board members support the Journal in numerous ways, including assisting in both fundraising and HLJ’s annual “Meet the Employers” event.