A Word from the Volume 72 Executive Board

We have very much enjoyed the recent opportunity to welcome an enthusiastic class of new 2L members to the Volume 72 Team. The Production Team has been hard at work editing our first issue of the year, which is on schedule for December publication.

The Managing Team started off the year strong by welcoming fifty-six 2L Staff Editors to the Journal. We have also hosted a variety of successful events this year including the annual HLJ Day Orientation.

We are very pleased with the quality of submissions the Journal has received so far, and as a result, the article selection process is almost complete for the year. We are also happy to announce that we have selected a total of nine student-written Notes that will be published throughout Volume 72.

We are now hard at work planning this year’s Fall Alumni Mixer and facilitating more fundraising efforts to improve the overall operations of the Journal.  We want to express our gratitude to all alumni who have remained involved with HLJ throughout the years — the Journal would not be successful without our strong alumni network!


  • Lauren Trambley – Editor-in-Chief, Volume 72
  • Tyler Runsten – Executive Articles Editor
  • Tori Timmons – Executive Managing Editor
  • Clare Moran – Executive Production Editor
  • Alice Giang – Executive Technology Editor
  • Emma Geering – Executive Development Editor
  • Oliver Hamilton – Executive Notes Editor
  • Evelynn Bui – Executive Symposium Editor
  • Robert Wu – Executive SCOCA Blog Editor

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SCOCA is excited to announce several recent publications and one exciting feature! We have published opinion analyses on important cases such as the three part Briggs v. Brown (2017) and the consequential People v. Buza (2018) decisions. Furthermore, we have released our new Concurrence Matrix! This tool tracks the agreement rate of the justices relative to each other as a percentage value.

If you are a person interested in, or working with, areas of debated California law, we invite you to submit a brief piece on topical California Supreme Court developments. Our publication focuses on opinion analyses, persuasive pieces such as the Balance of Judicial Independence Against Public Confidence, and articles interpreting the California Constitution.

If you are interested in publishing with SCOCAblog, please reach out to Neema Monfared at neema.monfared@uchastings.edu and as always, keep an eye on the latest developments at www.scocablog.com!

Upcoming Symposium

Hastings Law Journal is excited to announce that we are hosting a spring semester symposium. Information regarding this year’s annual symposium coming soon!

For more information and to RSVP, please visit our page online here.

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