Prospective Members

Since 1949, HLJ has published scholarly articles, essays, and student Notes on a broad range of legal topics. With close to ninety members, HLJ publishes six issues each year, reaching a large domestic and international audience. In 2019, HLJ hosted a Spring Symposium,“The Jurisprudence of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy: Four Decades of Influence.”

Second-year members may contribute to the Journal in a variety of areas, including article, Note, and SCOCAblog editing, technical production of pieces ready for publication, and Symposia preparation and execution. Members also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of HLJ’s social functions, networking events, and campus engagements in order to develop a sense of community with their fellow classmates and meaningful relationships with the HLJ third-year staff. One of the most challenging and satisfying aspects of second-year membership is the opportunity to research, write, and publish a student Note: a piece of legal scholarship similar to law review articles authored by professors. Each second-year member investigates an area of interest in the law; selects a topic on a developing issue in that area; and, assisted by a third-year mentor and the Journal’s Notes staff, refines the topic and composes a paper on the subject.

Thank you for your interest, and HLJ wishes you the best of luck in the Inter-Journal Writing Competition.

Rising Second-year Students

Rising second-year students may join the Hastings Law Journal by participating in the school’s annual writing competition. Members are chosen as follows:

  1. The top five students from each section are invited to join on the basis of their GPA.*
  2. Twenty students are invited on the basis of their writing competition scores.
  3. Sixteen students are invited on the basis of a composite of their writing competition scores and their GPA.
  4. Students may be invited through the Intellectual Diversity Program.

*Please note that a student invited based on GPA must still submit a writing competition application.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may join the Hastings Law Journal by participating in the school’s writing competition for transfer students. Contact the Scholarly Publications office at for more information.
To learn more about being a Hastings Law Journal member, please stop by our office located on the 23rd floor of the Tower, or contact us:

Hastings Law Journal
UC Hastings College of the Law
200 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4978
Phone: 415.581.8960
Do not send emails about the writing competition to this email address. All writing competition inquires should be sent to the Scholarly Publications office.

Rising Third-year Students

Rising third-year students may join the Hastings Law Journal by participating in the self-submittal program. Interested students must submit a prospectus for a student note. Before doing any work on a self-submittal entry, please contact the Scholarly Publications office for more information.