Matthew Lee

Volume 66 Online, 1-22

Celebrities faced with overly aggressive, and often dangerous, paparazzi behavior are left with only the Anti-Paparazzi Act as legal recourse in California. Although the public may accept such limited legal recourse due to the nature of celebrity, it is important to consider the fact that aggressive paparazzi behavior also affects those who have not chosen to be celebrities—the children of celebrities. To effectively protect celebrities’ children, this Note advocates for a strict liability standard for media outlets that publish content displaying celebrities’ children obtained as a result of overly aggressive paparazzi tactics. Others have suggested numerous remedial measures that include increased funding for police to restricting the areas in which paparazzi are permitted to go. These measures fail to address the cause of the problem, namely the fact that paparazzi are financially incentivized to obtain content displaying celebrities’ children.

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