UC Law Journal is currently closed for submissions for Volume 76 (2024–2025)

UC Law Journal gladly considers unsolicited manuscripts by members of the legal community.  However, we only publish student Notes from within our own membership. 

The Journal reviews submissions one to two times a year: in the late winter or early spring (from approximately March 1), and occasionally in the late summer (from approximately July 1).  We review submissions through Scholastica as well as through the anonymous submission process detailed below.  In addition to articles, the Journal welcomes submissions of essays, speeches, responses, and other forms of scholarly publication. 

The UC Law Journal currently only publishes manuscripts in English.

Please note the Journal will no longer be giving automatic reprints.  However, we will work with you to order them through our publisher.

Anonymous Submission

The UC Law Journal is currently closed for submissions for Volume 76 (2024-2025).  However, the process below outlines our blind submission process.

Anonymous Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must be double-spaced and typewritten with citations in footnote style. We prefer articles under 30,000 words (including text AND footnotes)—approximately 60 law review pages.
  • No student-written articles will be considered for publication.
  • Citations must conform to the Bluebook (21st edition, 2020).
  • Your paper must be in .doc or .docx format.
  • Please scrub all meta-data and identifying information from your paper.
           Identifying information: author footnote, references to the author, author’s place of employment, or prior works written by the author.
           How to Scrub Meta-DataMacPC
  • Please save your article in conformity with the following naming convention “Article Title_Submission Date.” If you cannot fit both the article title and the date of submission, please omit the “submission date.”

Anonymous Submission Process

  • After scrubbing all identifying information, please click the “Submission Website” button below. This will take you to a “Drive Uploader” window.
  • Upload the .doc or .docx version of your article.
  • Please input ONLY your First Name in the “Name” box and please use a PERSONAL email address that does not identify the institution you work for, e.g., “John” and “smith72@yahoo.com.”
  • When you are ready, click “Submit.”
  • After you submit, your article will be transferred to a Google drive managed by hljanonymoussubmissions@gmail.com. A member of the Articles team will contact you when your article is currently under review.
  • Articles that are selected from the blind submissions review will include in the star footnote a statement stating, “This Article was selected through the
    UC Law Journal‘s double-blind review process.” The double-blind review evaluates the article solely on substances and gives no weight to any other criteria.  However, please remember that we only publish student Notes from within our own membership.

Scholastica Submission Requirements

The UC Law Journal is currently closed for submissions through Scholastica for Volume 76 (2024–2025).  However, below we outline our general requirements.

Scholastica Submission Requirements

  • Submissions should be double-spaced and typewritten with citations in either footnote or endnote style. We prefer articles that are under 30,000 words, including text and footnotes — approximately 60 law review pages.
  • Citations should conform to The Bluebook (21st edition 2020).
  • All submissions should be accompanied by a CV and a brief abstract. All necessary contact information should also be included.

Scholastica Submission: Click the link below to submit through Scholastica.

Review Process

The Journal carefully reviews the manuscripts it selects. This process begins by hand selection from our articles department who then work with our faculty advisers to evaluate the quality and interest before making an offer. Offers for publication are made over email with a window given for acceptance.

Expedited Review

In the event an author is presented with a deadline from another publication, we will make every effort to expedite review of their work. Unfortunately, we will only be able to expedite review during the school year (mid-August through mid-May). We understand the complexities this situation raises; however, we hope you understand the process takes time and we are not able to omit stages in our review process.

To request an expedited review during business hours, please fill out our Expedite Form, or submit a request through Scholastica. The Executive Articles Editors are the only members with access to this email address and will not inadvertently share any information regarding the author’s identity to student and faculty reviewers.


Please contact our Volume 76 Executive Articles Editors, Andrea Olofson Chen and Hannah Lauchner, at articles@hastingslawjournal.org with any questions or comments regarding articles submissions.