About UC Law Journal

Since 1949, UC Law Journal, formerly known as Hastings Law Journal, has published scholarly articles, essays, and student Notes on a broad range of legal topics.  With roughly 100 members, UCLJ publishes six issues each year, reaching a large domestic and international audience.  Each year, one issue is dedicated to essays and commentary from our annual symposium, which features speakers and panel discussions on an area of current interest and development in the law.

Past symposium topics have included: “We the People: Citizenship, Race, and Equality” (2024), “The Present and Future of Religious Freedom” (2023), “The Jurisprudence of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy: Four Decades of Influence” (2019), “The Evolution of Privacy in the Age of Technology” (2017), and “Law & Policy of the Developing Brain: Neuroscience from Womb to Death” (2012).

As UC Law SF’s flagship law review, UCLJ has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in legal thinking and case law through scholarly articles written by experts in the legal community.

Recent Mentions in the Supreme Court of the United States

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