Lesley Rae Hamilton

Volume 67, Issue 1

It is a dynamic time for the legal profession. Law firms, big and small, are innovating the way they run their businesses and deliver their services, resulting in positive changes for both clients and attorneys. On the one hand, firms are increasingly placing emphasis on delivering value to clients at a faster rate and for lower fees than ever before through adjustments to the types of services they offer and the manner in which they deliver them. Lawyers, also, are benefitting as legal employers increasingly offer innovative approaches to schedule flexibility, discretionary billing rates, and attorney entrepreneurialism to appeal to the large market of viable legal candidates discontented with the traditional big firm model.

On the Hastings Law Journal, we too continually fine-tune and innovate how we engage with authors and legal scholarship, support and mentor our membership, and contribute to the San Francisco and UC Hastings community to maximize the value delivered by our organization. . . .

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